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A quasi-autobiographical video showcase for the pop-star Prince. Film tells the tale of his struggle for love, attention, acceptance, and popular artistic recognition in Minneapolis. Not a bad film, for such a monumentally egotistical movie.

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Available on Running time 113 minutes.

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Musical Drama, Pure Ego Vehicles, Price of Fame, Struggling Musicians, Minnesota, African America
William Blinn
Prince, Apollonia, Morris Day, Olga Karlatos, Clarence Williams
Donald E. Thorin
Albert Magnoli
Michel Colombier
Warner Bros.


Oscars 1984: Orig. Song Score and/or Adapt.

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Purple Rain
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

You'll hear a lot of great music in this movie from Prince and the Revolution, as well as, seeing how "the kid", played by Prince, who is young and talented, struggles to break into the music industry. The Kid has a difficult home life, so he has a lot to overcome because he sees a lot of violence in his house. But when he gets on stage, he tries to forget it all and focus on his music. He eventually meets a girl and they start dating. She is a singer who is trying to get her career going as well. This is a really good movie and their is a lot of competition between the bands that are trying to get noticed hoping for a big break into the industry.