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Poignant story of an Anglican priest who is relocated to an Indian fishing village on the ouskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia. Based on a Margaret Craven book.

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Running time 74 minutes.

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Native America, Nuns & Priests
Tom Courtenay, Dean Jagger, Paul Stanley
Daryl Duke
Tomorrow Entertainment Inc.

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I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0
patriak thompson

I Heard the Owl Call My Name is a movie based on a novel written by Margaret Craven. Daryl Duke the director shows the beautiful and cultural landscape of the pacific northwest of Canada the land of the Kwakiutl people of kingcome. This movie is a story of life, love, courage, and dignity. I Heard the Owl Call My Name, behind this Quote is a belief of the Kwakiutl people of kingcome, they believe that when an owl calls their name it is time for that person to die soon. Unaware that he’s dying a young vicar named Mark Brain is sent by the bishop who knows about his illness and makes a decision to send Mark on a mission to help him grow as a person. The bishop believes that kingcome village where the Kwakiutl people live is the right place for that. The bishop does not tell mark about his illness because he wants him to get involved and attached to the Indians through the mission. Mark learns many things about the Indians, more than he thought he would. The one thing he learnt and worried about was that the young of the tribe were leaving the tribe to go to the white-mans land and the elders of the tribe are very upset. Although in the movie a young man named Gordon and a girl from the tribe named keetah they go to the city of the white man and when keetah comes back she is carrying Gordon’s child but doesn’t want to go back, although she stays with a fellow tribe mate named Jim Wallace a really close friend. One of the main focuses in the movie is about Jim and keetah and there relationship with each other, mainly keetah because she has been on the outside and has come back carrying gordons child and it would be hard for her to raise the child without the real father, but Jim has offered to raise the child with her and make the child his own. The script of the movie was very out of order because if you read the book there are many events that will help you understand more about the Kwakiutl people about there highs and lows. By reading the book you will have much more detail into the story than watching it with important events missed. Having and realistic theme to the movie was the key to having a great movie. Daryl Duke had chosen to film the movie at an actual tribe in kingcome, this tribe was actually a neighboring tribe to the Kwakiutl tribe. This made the theme so realistic because you can still have the essence of an actual Indian tribe and be brought in to the culture of the Kwakiutl people.