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Supernatural powers vie with a young governess for control of the souls of the two children in her charge. Redgrave does well in this chilling film adapted from the Henry James story.

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Available on Running time 120 minutes.

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Supernatural Horror, Books to Film: Henry James, Nannies & Governesses, Childhood Visions, Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins, Sanity Check
Lynn Redgrave, Jasper Jacobs, Eva Griffith
Dan Curtis
Dan Curtis Productions

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The Turn of the Screw
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This movie was/ is absolute crap. I would not use the script of the movie to wipe my dogs behind. It is the sort of movie that if you watch more than once you are likely to projectile vomit. The ending is terrible, the middle is terrible, and the only thing that makes the beginning good is that there is still hope at that stage for the movie to improve, sadly this was/ is not the case. It is an exhausting movie to watch and i would not recommend that anybody watch it unless they were considering using it as a form of cruel, inhumane, and unusual torture. It makes you want to watch another movie to improve your watching experience and drown out the memory of it. The only good place for this movie is the bin.