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Five former East German nuns, living on a small farm in the Southwest U.S., enlist the aid of a free-spirited Army veteran Homer Smith (Poitier) to build a chapel for them and teach them English. Poitier is excellent as the itinerant laborer, holding the saccharine to an acceptable level, bringing honesty and strength to his role. Actress Skala, as Mother Maria, had been struggling to make ends meet in a variety of day jobs until this opportunity. Poitier was the first African American man to win an Oscar, and the first African American nominated since Hattie MacDaniel in 1939. Followed by "Christmas Lilies of the Field" (1979).

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Available on Running time 94 minutes.

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Nuns & Priests, Postwar, African America, Kindness of Strangers
James Poe
Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala, Lisa Mann, Isa Crino, Stanley Adams, Francesca Jarvis, Pamela Branch, Dan Frazer, Ralph Nelson
Ernest Haller
Ralph Nelson
Jerry Goldsmith
John McCafferty
U.A., Rainbow Productions


Oscars 1963: Actor (Poitier); Berlin Intl. Film Fest. 1963: Actor (Poitier); Golden Globes 1964: Actor--Drama (Poitier).

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Lilies of the Field
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier) can do just about any Mr. Fix-it job you can think of and comes across a group of German Nuns who need their roof fixed on their farm. After the job is completed, Homer discovers that the nuns have no money and don't really intend to pay him. Out of the kindness of his heart, Homer stays on to do more side jobs for them and after talking to the head nun Mother Maria learns her dream is to build a chapel. Homer's dream was to be an architect so he sets out to build the chapel for her. Many people find out about this project and volunteer supplies and labor. Homer is a great foreman and finally completes the mission. Once finished, Homer leaves the farm and looks for his next place to call home. This great film was created in 1962.