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The mayor of an Alsatian village kills a wealthy merchant and steals his money. The murderer experiences pangs of guilt which are accentuated when a traveling mesmerist comes to town and claims to be able to discern a person's darkest secrets. Silent with music score.

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Available on Running time 67 minutes.

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Sanity Check, Silent Films, Adapted from a Play, Adapted from a Poem, Books to Film: Edgar Allan Poe
James L. Young
Lionel Barrymore, Boris Karloff, Gustav von Seyffertitz
L.W. O'Connell
James L. Young

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The Bells
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The Bells is a movie that came out in 1926, with a run time of 67 minutes. Mathias (Lionel Berrymore) is an Alsatian innkeeper. He ends up murdering a wealthy merchant and keeps his money. He soon starts feeling guilty after the murder. His conscience won’t let him forget what he did. The victim’s brother decides to get a mesmerist (Boris Karloff) that read minds to find out whom the murderer is. Will Mathias give in to his conscience and confess? Will the victim’s brother solve the mystery?