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Based on the popular S.E. Hinton book, the story of a teen gang from the wrong side of the tracks and their conflicts with society and each other. Melodramatic and over-done, but teenagers still love the story. Good soundtrack and cast ripples with up and coming stars. Followed by a TV series. Coppola adapted another Hinton novel the same year, "Rumble Fish."

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Coming of Age, Teen Angst, Books to Film: S.E. Hinton, Adoption & Orphans, Gangs, At the Drive-In, Brothers & Sisters, Fires
Kathleen Rowell
C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Diane Lane, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Tom Waits, Leif Garrett
Stephen Burum
Francis Ford Coppola
Carmine Coppola
Zoetrope Studios

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The Outsiders
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A group of friends are in a gang called "The Greasers" and they are poor and live in the North Zone of Oklahoma. Their rivals are "The Socials", aka The Socs and they are the rich kids from the South Zone. The members are all young teenagers trying to find their way in life and facing tough times. One day Pony Boy (Thomas Lowell), Dallas (Matt Dillon)and Johnny Ralph Macchio)from "The Greasers" sneak into a drive in theater and start flirting with Cherry and Marcia from "The Socs" gang. This starts a feud between the gangs and when Ponyboy goes home, his brother Darrel (Patrick Swayze) tells him he was worried about him and the two get in a fight. Ponyboy leaves and wakes up Johnny and go to a park. They get in a fight with "The Socs" and Johnny kills one of them when they try to drown Ponyboy. The boys go on the run and hideout while waiting for Dallas to come get them. When they decide to go home and turn themselves in, they see a church on fire and go in and rescue the kids. They are then heroes, but the police still want to arrest them. The boys are taken to the hospital with Johnny badly hurt. Johnny eventually dies, Dallas robs a convenience store and is shot and all the guys stand their in horror. This brings about a lot of changes for the close friends. This 1983 movie is excellent and is a breakout film for all these young actors who became very popular and in many other films. This is a must watch film.

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The movie THE OUTSIDERS is a very superior movie. The main characters Darry, Ponyboy, and Sodapop go through very tough times as brothers. Also Dally, Tow-Bit, and Johnny go through tough timws too. THE OUTSIDERS was filmed in 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is also the setting of the movie. It is an emotional movie at times, but it is very good. That is what I think about THE OUTSIDERS.

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kerrie anne

i want it about the outsiders because im doing a project about it