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Adaptation of Richard Peck's award-winning novel. Story of a high school coed who becomes the target of a terror campaign.

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Available on Running time 100 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Mystery & Suspense, Babysitting
Blythe Danner, Kathleen Beller, Tony Bill, Scott Colomby
Walter Grauman
Charles Bernstein
Charles Fries Productions

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Are You in the House Alone?
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

i read the book of this movie and it was really good but it was very sad because no one believed gail that phil had raped her because he was suposely a "perfect" student and he was more honest in his past but gail best friend and phil girlfreind nos because he came over that night he raped gail and sat at the door crying and said "im so so so sorry" and then just ran off he was really sorry because when gail was fighting to get free of him he shoved a fire poker in her head and just left until the little kids mom got home and saw her she wasnt even at home she was babysitting and she didnt scream because she didnt want the kids to come down stairs and see him raping her its pretty sad