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Familiar nuclear leak leads to monster mutants done to a novel (though extremely low-budget) turn: after a school bus passes through radioactive fog, the kiddies inside assume the ability to incinerate whoever they hug. They also assume a certain zombie-like demeanor and sport black fingernails. None of this is noted by their uncaring and less-than-observant parents, many of whom are enticed into a very warm hug. This may be intended as social satire. Not only are the little microwaves extremely dangerous, the only way to kill them is to chop off their hands, leading to a wild limbless finale.

Rhino Entertainment, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., 2nd Fl., Los Angeles, CA 90025-8300, Phone: (310)474-4778, Email:, URL:

Available on Running time 89 minutes.

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Killer Kiddies, Woofs!
Martin Shaker, Gale Garnett, Gil Rogers
Max Kalmanowicz
World Northal

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