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"Saturday Night Fever" was the ultimate cheesy '70s musical, hence likeable in a dorky way. This pathetic sequel (directed by Stallone from a Rocky-esque script about beating the odds, etc.) is utterly predictable and forgettable. Music mostly by Frank Stallone, the great heir to Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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Available on Running time 96 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Dance Fever, Pure Ego Vehicles, New York, New York
Sylvester Stallone
John Travolta, Cynthia Rhodes, Finola Hughes, Norma Donaldson
Sylvester Stallone
Frank Stallone
Paramount Pictures

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Staying Alive
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

If you loved Saturday Night Fever and feel your longing for more, than watch this show. It takes place 6 years later and the disco king Tony (John Travolta) is back. He has left Brooklyn and is now living in Manhatten. He works as a dance instructor and a waiter. But drama arises because Jackie likes him and he likes Laura. They all 3 try out for the chorus line dance parts and Laura gets the lead while Tony and Jackie get in the chorus line. Jackie is upset that she is always 2nd best in Tony's eyes so she finally leaves him. Tony eventually gets the lead male dancer part and goes against the script and kisses Laura, in which she gets mad because she doesn't like him. In the end, Tony and Jackie get back together. This 1983 movie is really good - long live disco!