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Stunning cinematography highlights this otherwise fairly ordinary adventure story set in 1880s Australia. Jim Craig (Burlinson) is an orphaned young man coming of age in the mountains while seeking a life of his own and falling in love with the well-brought up Jessica (Thornton). In a dual role, Douglas portrays battling brothers, one a rich landowner and the other a one-legged prospector. A wild horse roundup is a stunning highlight. Based on the epic poem by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson and followed by "Return to Snowy River." A big hit in Australia and not directed by "Mad Max's" Miller, but another Miller named George.

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Available on Running time 104 minutes. Originally from Australian.

Cast and Crew

Westerns, Period Piece: 19th Century, Coming of Age, Down Under, Horses, Adapted from a Poem, Wrong Side of the Tracks
Fred Cullen, John Dixon
Kirk Douglas, Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton, Terence Donovan, Tommy Dysart, Jack Thompson, Bruce Kerr
Keith Wagstaff
George Miller
Bruce Rowland
20th Century-Fox

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The Man from Snowy River
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The Man from Snowy River came out in the year 1982, with a run time of 104 minutes. Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) is an 18-year-old guy who lives in the mountains of Australia. He lives on his father’s farm. After his father’s death, Jim is forced to go to the low lands to make money to keep his dad’s farm going. He starts working for Harrison (Kirk Douglas). Harrison’s brother was a good friend with Jim’s father. While working for Harrison, Jim soon falls in love with Harrison’s daughter Jessica (Sigrid Thornton. Will Jim be able to get his father’s farm back on it’s feet?

Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0
Tommy Wilson

Fairly ordinary Adventure?? Are u nuts?? It's a great movie w/ plenty od adventure....TW