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Lancaster goes biblical as Moses, the man with the tablets. Edited from the 360-minute British TV series, with no improvement obvious from the economy, except that the bad parts are shorter. Poor chatter and scattered bouts of acting are surpassed in inadequacy only by special effects.

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Available on Running time 141 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Adapted from the Bible, Religious Epics, Woofs!
Anthony Burgess, Vittorio Bonicelli
Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quayle, Ingrid Thulin, Irene Papas, William Lancaster
Gianfranco DeBosio
Ennio Morricone
ITC Entertainment Group

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The film Moses came out in 1976 and has a total running time of 141 minutes. Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quayle, Ingrid Thulin, Irene Papas and William Lancaster star in this film. This film originated from the bible and from the British television series. The British television series is 360 minutes and this film cut parts out to make this verison shorter. This film is about the man named Moses and his life and accomplishments.