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Blood-curdling tale of a sheriff and a mortician in a small town who are up to no good. Technically inept: film equipment can be spotted throughout. Don't stick your neck out for this one.

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Available on Running time 86 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Classic Horror, Vampires, Dracula, Woofs!
Patricia Lee Hammond, Gerald Fielding, Victor Jorge
Domonic Paris
Kelly Van Horn, Cannon Films

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Dracula's Last Rites
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0
kerry jorge (fraleigh)

I have never seen this movie, but. My dad is Victor Jorge who playeed Dr. Cummins. My Dad never showed it to me because he passed away and no-one seemed to have a copy. My parents were seperated. I would like to be able to purchas a copy if possible please tell me were I can buy it. I know it is rated R I am 42 years old. Or if you need proof he is my dad I can provide that also. Please reply.