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007 once again battles his nemesis Blofeld, this time in Las Vegas. Bond must prevent the implementation of a plot to destroy Washington through the use of a space-orbiting laser. Fabulous stunts include Bond's wild drive through the streets of Vegas in a '71 Mach 1. Connery returned to play Bond in this film after being offered the then record-setting salary of $1 million.

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Available on Running time 120 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Spies & Espionage, Gambling, Big Battles, Viva Las Vegas!, James Bond, Books to Film: Ian Fleming, Checkered Flag, Top Grossing Films of 1971, Foreign Intrigue, Technology--Rampant, Dream Girls
Tom Mankiewicz
Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray, Bruce Cabot, Jimmy Dean, Lana Wood, Bruce Glover, Putter Smith, Norman Burton, Joseph Furst, Bernard Lee, Desmond Llewelyn, Laurence Naismith, Leonard Barr, Lois Maxwell, Margaret Lacey, Joe Robinson, Donna Garrat, Trina Parks
Ted Moore
Guy Hamilton
John Barry
Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli, United Artists

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Diamonds Are Forever
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0
Vad Allen

WARNING: REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS – WE RECOMMEND TO WATCH MOVIE FIRST! VERDICT: If you haven’t watched it yet – don’t bother. The story is vague and boring, and most scenes are cartoonish. SPECTRE is becoming out-of-touch with time. Connery should’ve finished with OHMSS, and the director G. Hamilton forgot his own gold standard - GF. From now on, his style will become Roger Moore’s burden. Though 007 had to end up in Las Vegas, in the early 70’s it does not look like a cool place. COOL STUFF: - “Cremation” of Bond in a coffin - Funny trick: a mousetrap in a pocket instead of a gun - Ford Mustang chase in Las Vegas - Girl Thumper is hot - Penthouse with aquarium bed - Henchmen – gay couple: something new and original - Walking on water in a “sea-bubble” - “Batman hooks” for climbing the building - Elevator fight: well-shot, intense and new for Bond - Laser-gun: though already used in “Goldfinger”, works well in space NOT COOL: - Blofeld’s neck is not broken after OHMSS - The last continuous movie with Blofeld and you don’t see him die! - Why are American Bond-girls so plain and sort of … vulgar? - At the same time: no sex with Plenty O’Toole - Chase scene in Las Vegas shot around 1 block on Tremont St. - Moon-buggy chase looks ridiculous nowadays - The only nice location (Amsterdam) almost not shown