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Peter Townsend's rock opera as visualized in the usual hyper-Russell style about the deaf, dumb, and blind boy who becomes a celebrity due to his amazing skill at the pinball machines. A parade of rock musicians perform throughout the affair, with varying degrees of success. Despite some good moments, the film ultimately falls prey to ill-conceived production concepts and miscasting.

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Available on Running time 108 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Musical Drama, Rock Flicks, Rock Stars on Film
Ken Russell, Keith Moon, John Entwhistle
Ann-Margret, Elton John, Oliver Reed, Tina Turner, Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend, Jack Nicholson, Robert Powell, Paul Nicholas, Barry Winch, Victoria Russell, Ben Aris, Mary Holland, Jennifer Baker, Susan Baker, Arthur Brown, John Entwhistle
Ronnie Taylor, Dick Bush
Ken Russell
Pete Townshend, John Entwhistle
Robert Stigwood, Columbia Pictures


Golden Globes 1976: Actress--Mus./Comedy (Ann-Margret).

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Tommy (Roger Daltrey)is a young normal boy who thinks his father Captain Walker (Robert Powell) has been killed when his WWII plane has been shot down. It's been six years and his mom Nora (Ann-Margret) starts dating a man named Frank Hobbs (Oliver Reed). One day Captain Walker comes home and finds Frank with Nora and the two have a fight and Frank kills the Captain. Frank tells Tommy that he didn't see it, didn't hear it and can't tell no one. The traumatic experience for Tommy caused him to be deaf, dumb and blind. His parents don't really take care of him and several years later they leave him with his uncles who beat and molest him. He finds a pinball machine and Tommy becomes really good at playing and becomes a national hero. Tommy's mom does try to take him to doctor's and religious cults trying to help him. He likes looking into a mirror that his mom eventually breaks and that brings Tommy out of his spell and he isn't deaf, dumb or blind anyone since it was all psychosomatic anyways. This 1975 musical is a really good movie and features musical artists like Elton John and The Who.