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James Michener's novel about a New England farm boy who decides in 1820 that the Lord has commanded him to the island of Hawaii for the purpose of "Christianizing" the natives. Filmed on location. Also available in a 181 minute version with restored footage. Available in director's cut version with an additional 20 minutes.

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Available on Running time 161 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Period Piece: 19th Century, Missionaries, Historical Drama, Books to Film: James Michener, Top Grossing Films of 1966, Hawaii
Daniel Taradash, Dalton Trumbo
Max von Sydow, Julie Andrews, Richard Harris, Carroll O'Connor, Bette Midler, Gene Hackman, Jocelyn Lagarde
George Roy Hill
Elmer Bernstein
United Artists, Walter Mirisch


Golden Globes 1967: Support. Actress (Lagarde), Score.

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Young Calvinist Abner travels to Hawaii with his newly wedded wife to preach God’s word to the natives. Max von Sydow plays this rigid, fanatic fundamentalist very convincing. His wife, Jerusha – very refreshing and lively Julie Andrews - displays the juxtaposition. Between these two characters lies the central theme of the film: do we have to love God exclusively and above all more than our contemporaries? They both anwser this question in their own way: Jerusha abandons the great love of her life (Richard Harris) and offers herself as a sacrifice. Abner remains an irreversible unconvincibly staunch fanatic. He dies alone a visionary traumatized old man without his children. Moreover other issues such as colonisation destroying the local culture are also mentioned and the part the church plays in this drama. The rather stormy voyage on the schoner to Hawaii (more than 5 minutes) leaves an everlasting impression on the audience. For those who don’t mind rather long discussions about God and our relation towards him this 1966 film can be exciting enterainment – even today.