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The world is introduced to British secret agent 007, James Bond, when it is discovered that mad scientist Dr. No (Wiseman) is sabotaging rocket launchings from his hideout in Jamaica. The first 007 film is far less glitzy than any of its successors but boasts the sexiest "Bond girl" of them all in Andress as Honey Ryder who walks out of the surf in a white bikini, and promptly made stars of her and Connery.

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Available on Running time 111 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Spies & Espionage, Dream Girls, Mad Scientists, Foreign Intrigue, James Bond, Books to Film: Ian Fleming, Evil Doctors
Johanna Harwood, Richard Maibaum, Berkely Mather
Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Zena Marshall, Eunice Gayson, Margaret LeWars, John Kitzmiller, Lois Maxwell, Bernard Lee, Anthony Dawson
Ted Moore
Terence Young
John Barry
Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli, United Artists

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Dr. No
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0
Vad Allen

WARNING: REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS – WE RECOMMEND TO WATCH MOVIE FIRST! VERDICT: A pretty good, realistic story, though a bit slow. Feels more like a rehearsal for next Bond movies, and it actually is. Bond is a real spy, not a super-hero. Connery is great but still working on his style. Definitely worth watching for true fans of Bond and Ms. Andress - or Ms. Undress? - who want to know how it all began. COOL STUFF: - All the stuff we know now happens for the 1st time - All girls are hot - Bond is singing: the only time in a whole series! - Dr. No gives a start to a stream of henchmen with metal hands - Tarantula in bed: always scary and it’s the only time in a series - Nuclear energy: still a modern topic - Exotic views: Jamaican jungle and sea-shore NOT COOL: - No signature pre-title episode - The only “gadget” is a cigarette with poison and it’s not Bond’s - Story goof: Quarrel waits to be killed by a stupid slow-moving fire-tank - Story goof: Bond asks Prof. Dent a crucial question and kills him before he answers - Dr. No’s factory looks very much like a miniature (which it is)