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The sequel to "the movie" about the Man of Steel. This time, he has his hands full with three super-powered villains from his home planet of Krypton. The romance between reporter Lois Lane and our superhero is made believable and the story line has more pace to it than the original. A sequel that often equals the first film--leave it to Superman to pull off the impossible.

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Available on Running time 128 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Fantasy, Super Heroes, Adapted from Comics, Alien Beings--Benign, Top Grossing Films of 1981, Alien Beings--Vicious, Special FX Extravaganzas, Adapted from a Cartoon, Grand Hotel, Niagara Falls
Mario Puzo, David Newman
Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Sarah Douglas, Jack O'Halloran, Susannah York, Marc McClure, Terence Stamp, Valerie Perrine, E.G. Marshall
Geoffrey Unsworth, Robert Paynter
Richard Lester
John Williams
Stuart Baird, John Victor-Smith
Film Export, Warner Bros.

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Superman 2
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This sequal isn't as good as the first, but it is still pretty good. A trio of super-powered villains, led by General Zod, who escape from their Phantom Zone prison and land on Earth, where all three have powers to rival Superman's own. Superman, meanwhile, is in love with Lois Lane, who finds out who he really is. Superman is unaware of the vilians' arrival, and is forced to sacrifice his powers for a life with Lois Lane. Superman returns to the Fortress of Solitude to regain his powers and confront the horrible Kryptonian criminals.

Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Superman II came out in 1980 and has a running time of 128 minutes. Superman II can be purchased on either VHS or DVD. Gene Hackman (as Lex Luther), Christopher Reeve (as Superman) and Ned Beatty (as Otis) star in Superman II. Superman II is the sequel to Superman The Movie. This time, three criminals from the planet Krypton and have now landed on Earth. Meanwhile, Lois Lane finds out that Superman is Clark Kent. Also, Lex Luthor joins the three criminals and attempt to destroy Superman!