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Bumbling, disaster-prone inspector invades a Swiss ski resort and becomes obsessed with capturing a jewel thief hoping to lift the legendary "Pink Panther" diamond. Said thief is also the inspector's wife's lover, though the inspector doesn't know it. Slick slapstick succeeds on strength of Sellers' classic portrayal of Clouseau, who accidentally destroys everything in his path while speaking in a funny French accent. Followed by "A Shot in the Dark," "Inspector Clouseau" (without Sellers), "The Return of the Pink Panther," "The Pink Panther Strikes Again," "Revenge of the Pink Panther," "Trail of the Pink Panther," and "Curse of the Pink Panther." Memorable theme supplied by Mancini.

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Available on Running time 113 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Comedy Mystery, Detective Spoofs, Inspector Clouseau, Aunts & Uncles, Nieces & Nephews, Adapted from a Cartoon, Burglars, Heists: Jewels
Blake Edwards
Peter Sellers, David Niven, Robert Wagner, Claudia Cardinale, Capucine, Brenda de Banzie
Philip Lathrop
Blake Edwards
Henry Mancini
Ralph E. Winters, Fernando Carrere
United Artists

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The Pink Panther
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The Pink Panther came out in 1964 and has a running time of 113 minutes. The Pink Panther can be purchased on VHS and DVD. David Niven (as Sir Charles Lytton), Peter Sellers (as Inspector Jacques Clouseau) and Robert Wagner (as George Lytton) star in The Pink Panther. Inspector Clouseau is on a mission to find where The Phantom will strike next. The inspector believes his next stop is in the location of the famous Lugashi jewel, the Pink Panther, is going to be. There’s just one problem! He doesn’t know who The Phantom is or what he looks like!