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A ribald musical fantasy follows the equally risque "Cinderella." In order to save the kingdom, the prince must produce an heir. The problem is that only the girl in the painting of "Princess Beauty" can "interest" the prince and she must be found. Good-natured smut.

Available on Running time 83 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Musical Fantasy, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Sex & Sexuality, Royalty
Don Sparks, Irwin Corey, Brenda Fogarty, Sy Richardson, Nai Bonet, Martha Reeves
Harry (Hurwitz) Tampa
Fairytales Distributing Company

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Fairy Tales
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The movie Fairy Tales came out in 1976 and has a total running time of 83 minutes. Don Sparks (as Prince), Irwin Corey (as Dr. Eyes), Brenda Fogarty (as Gussie Gander) are just a few of the characters seen in this comedy. I wouldn’t recommend this movie for children. This is definitely an adult version of Cinderella. As you can tell from the cover of the VHS, this movie is dirty. In the film, the Prince sets out to find his future love, one that reminds him of sleeping beauty. Will he end up finding her?