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Four elderly men, members of an informal social club called the Chowder Society, share a terrible secret buried deep in their pasts--a secret that comes back to haunt them to death. Has moments where it's chilling, but unfortunately they're few. Based on the best-selling novel by Peter Straub.

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Available on Running time 110 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Supernatural Horror, Special FX Wizards: Dick Smith, Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins
Lawrence D. Cohen
Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, John Houseman, Craig Wasson, Alice Krige, Patricia Neal
Jack Cardiff
John Irvin
Philippe Sarde
Tom Rolf
Mark Huffam

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Ghost Story
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0
E Johnson

A horror film for adults depicting how literally our youth may come back to haunt us in our old age. Alice Krige is absolutely chilling in a way that no slasher-film boogey man could be. There are numerous scenes that gave me the willies, with the biggest being the bathtub scene with Craig Wasson. I think the presence of the two asylum escapees is unnecessary, and the plot bogs down in areas, or this film would deserve 4 stars. A clear example of how mood and nuance when coupled with outright scare tactics can make a movie truly frightening on an adult level.