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A poor, uneducated textile worker joins forces with a New York labor organizer to unionize the reluctant workers at a Southern mill. Field was a surprise with her fully developed character's strength, beauty, and humor; her Oscar was well-deserved. Ritt's direction is top-notch. Jennifer Warnes sings the theme song, "It Goes Like It Goes," which also won an Oscar.

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Available on Running time 114 minutes.

Cast and Crew

True Stories, Labor & Unions, Rebel With a Cause, American South, Protests
Harriet Frank, Irving Ravetch
Sally Field, Ron Leibman, Beau Bridges, Pat Hingle
John A. Alonzo
Martin Ritt
David Shire
20th Century-Fox


Oscars 1979: Actress (Field), Song ("It Goes Like It Goes"); Cannes 1979: Actress (Field); Golden Globes 1980: Actress--Drama (Field); L.A. Film Critics 1979: Actress (Field); Natl. Bd. of Review 1979: Actress (Field); N.Y. Film Critics 1979: Actress (Field); Natl. Soc. Film Critics 1979: Actress (Field).

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Norma Rae
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Norma (Sally Field) works at a cotton mill and the conditions for working are not very good and her pay is only at minimum wage. One day she hears a New York union organizer named Reuben Warshowsky (Beau Bridges) give a speech on unions and she decides to try and get one started at her factory. Reuben even comes out to talk to the workers about the benefits of being in a union and that they can make more money, get vacation pay, and a cleaner environment, but the other workers are scared that they will lose their jobs so no one will join. Norma even talks about the union and Reuben all the time at home and her husband gets upset with her and he thinks she is having an affair with Reuben. Finally, Norma shuts her machine down and goes on strike and the other workers finally join forces with her. This 1979 movie is a great film and Sally Field is excellent as Norma Rae.