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A classic gangster film with one of Cagney's best roles as a psychopathic robber/killer with a mother complex. The famous finale--perhaps Cagney's best-known scene--has Cagney trapped on top of a burning oil tank shouting "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!" before the tank explodes. Cagney's character is allegedly based on Arthur "Doc" Barker and his "Ma," and his portrayal is breathtaking. Also available colorized.

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Available on Running time 114 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Psychotics/Sociopaths, Organized Crime, Film Noir, Sanity Check, At the Movies
Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts
James Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Edmond O'Brien, Margaret Wycherly, Steve Cochran, John Archer, Wally Cassell
Sid Hickox
Raoul Walsh
Max Steiner
Warner Bros.


Natl. Film Reg. 2003.

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White Heat
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0
Brian Morgan

This movie displayed that James Cagney still had what it takes to be the rough dangerous type with Psycopath thrown into the mixture to provide to the film public one of the Greatest in crime film noir films outside of the original Scarface. I personally can say that James Cagney is the mold which was broken upon his birth for there will never ever be another James Cagney. Mr. Cagney was a multi-facected screeen actor and even displayed that talent in his very last film debute in Ragtime as the New York City police chief. Virgina Mayo was stupendous as the gangster moll and if she was as young and vibrant as she was in this 1949 Classic she would be the ultimate head turner of every young man whom saw her walk down any main street in the world, a knockout then and forever a knockout as far as the perfect ten pin up girl. A clever plot, great screen of location shots, a true Raoul Walsh masterpiece which if this was a oil painting would be hanging in grandest of displays in any European Art Museum. White Heat is another of those movies that a City boy from the back streets like me can truely relate to. Anyone whom grew up in any major city in a back street neighborhood can relate, we all knew of the reputation of those whom were like Cody, we all knew to stay clear and not get caught up with the Cody's in our neighborhoods. Ma and Doc Barker, if confronted by the likes of Cody would have developed a wider yellow streak than the center line on the interstate highway.