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The prototypical "buddy" film. Three veteran British sergeants in India try to suppress a native uprising, but it's their water boy, the intrepid Gunga Din, who saves the day. Friendship, loyalty, and some of the best action scenes ever filmed. Based loosely on Rudyard Kipling's famous poem, the story is credited to Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, and William Faulkner (who is uncredited). Also available colorized.

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Available on Running time 117 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Adventure Drama, War, General, Buddies, India, Books to Film: Rudyard Kipling, Adapted from a Poem, Desert War/Foreign Legion, 4 Bones
Fred Guiol, Joel Sayre, Ben Hecht, William Faulkner
Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, Douglas Fairbanks, Sam Jaffe, Eduardo Ciannelli, Montagu Love, Joan Fontaine, Abner Biberman, Robert Coote, Lumsden Hare, Cecil Kellaway, Roland Varno, George Regas, Reggy) Sheffield Reginald (Reggie, Clive Morgan
Joseph August
George Stevens
Alfred Newman
William Briers, Robert Erskine Holland, Clive Morgan
Pandro S. Berman, George Stevens, RKO


Natl. Film Reg. 1999.

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Gunga Din
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Gunga Din is based on Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem. Gunga Din released in 1939 with a run time of 117 minutes. Three funny sergeants are off in British India. The two trick their third friend to stay in the military to do one final mission, which ended up being a real mission. Now the three must save the day. Instead, Gunga Din, a young man born in India, wasn’t allows to join the British army. Gunga ends up finding information on a much larger attack and he ends up being the hero and saves the day!