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L.A.-set story about the friendship between three wealthy, married, middle-aged women and their slightly younger, unmarried, and decidedly not-rich pal. That's Olivia (Aniston), who has quit her teaching job in a fit of ennui to become a maid. Her friend Franny (Cusack) is a generous stay-at-home mom with a great marriage to Matt (Germann), while Jane (McDormand) is a continuously furious fashion designer whose metrosexual Brit hubby Aaron (McBurney) is suspected of being gay. Screenwriting partners Christine (Keener) and David (Isaacs) discover they don't even like each other as their marriage fractures. The women talk and support one another (and the actresses are great fleshing out some thin characters) but not much happens.

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Running time 88 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

The Help: Female, Female Bonding, Blind Date, L.A., Marriage
Nicole Holofcener
Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, Jason Isaacs, Scott Caan, Simon McBurney, Greg Germann, Ty Burrell, Bob Stephenson
Terry Stacey
Nicole Holofcener
Craig Richey, Rickie Lee Jones
Pud Cusack, Tracy McKnight, Rob Frazen, G. Victoria Ruskin, Stephen Carter, Michael Wilkinson, Amy Ancona
Anthony Bregman, This Is That, Sony Pictures Classics

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Friends with Money
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

This is more of a chick flick, but I like it. In a group of friends, three are wealthy and married, and there's Olivia, a former teacher who's now a maid. The marriages are in various states of health: Franny and Matt are happy and very rich; Christine and David write screenplays together, are remodeling their house, and argue; Jane is angry all the time and Aaron, who's an attentive husband, strikes everyone as gay. Franny sets up Olivia with a friend of hers, Mike, a personal trainer, and Olivia takes him with her to a couple of housecleaning jobs. A benefit dinner for ALS, an awkward guy named Marty whose place Olivia cleans, and a French maid's outfit figure in the story to make it interesting.