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Just another brick in the faux-snuff genre wall. This time around some hot-to-trot American dudes are led to a Slovakian hostel after several splurges into red-light debauchery and uninhibited misogyny. (They probably got distracted on the way to the history museums.) Much to their chagrin, they find that the Russian mafia has converted their lodging quarters into a pleasuredome for sickos looking to get their sadism on. Since our heroes have been developed as mindless hornballs, we're expected to almost cheer their pain and agony. The creators try, rather unsuccessfully, to disguise the charade as a parody of the snuff and torture films it actually reproduces.

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Available on Running time 95 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Eastern Europe, Amsterdam, Femme Fatale, Sex & Sexuality, Slasher Flicks, Teen Horror
Eli Roth
Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Jan Vlasak, Eythor Gudjonsson, Barbara Nedeljakova, Jana Kaderabkova, Jenifer Lim
Milan Chadima
Eli Roth
Nathan Barr
Tomas Belohradsky, George Folsey, David Baxa, Franco-Giacomo Carbone, Franco-Giacomo Carbone
Eli Roth, Mike Fleiss, Chris Briggs, Screen Gems, Lions Gate, Next Entertainment, Quentin Tarantino, Raw Nerve Production, Lions Gate Films

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Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

Seeing this movie makes me think twice about going to Europe. It also proves that you really don't know if you can trust people you just meet. This movie is messed up and disgusting, but aren't all horror films like that nowadays? People pay thousands of dollars to torture people that get taken from hostels. They do terrible things to these people. If you're not into gore and guts, this movie isn't for you. There is one really gross part where an Asian girl gets a blow torch to the eye and escapes. Her eye is just hanging out for a while until she jumps in front of a train. If there are gross parts, I tend to look away... so that's a lot in this movie! There is a part 2 and I saw both of them. I would watch this again even though it's really messed up.