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Spurred on by a mild heart attack, Louis Trebor (Subor), a troubled and aging loner living in a forest near the French-Swiss border, sets out on a journey to bring meaning to his self-serving life. He first arranges a black market heart transplant then travels to South Korea to purchase a boat, which he sails to a remote island near Tahiti were he lived and fathered a son many years prior. As his health begins to deteriorate, his dreams, visions, memories and reality all blur to create a metaphor for Louis's inner turmoil. Denis creates a stunning piece dripping with impressionistic imagery.

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Available on Running time 130 minutes.

Cast and Crew

France, Asia, Surgical Transplantation
Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
Michel Subor, Beatrice Dalle, Gregoire Colin, Florence Loiret-Caille, Katia Golubeva
Agnes Godard
Claire Denis
S. A. Staples
Jean-Louis Ughetto, Nelly Quettier, Judy Shrewsbury, Arnaud de Moleron
Humbert Balsan, Ognon Pictures, Arte France Cinema

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