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Bounty hunter Sara (Marsden) teams up with an FBI agent (Zagarino) to bring down Russian mobster/weapons smuggler Federov (Lamas, he of the wandering accent). Lethally inept.

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Available on Running time 90 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Moscow Mafia, FBI, Bounty Hunters, Action-Drama
Jeff Wright, Robert Yap
Lorenzo Lamas, Frank Zagarino, Heather Marie Marsden, Mark Mortimer, John Colton
John Muscatine
Dustin Rikert

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Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

The movie Lethal came out to DVD in 2004. The total running time of Lethal is 90 minutes. Lorenzo Lamas, Frank Zagarino, Heather Marie Marsden and Mark Mortimer star in this action-drama. Lethal is about a woman named Sara who’s a bounty hunter. She teams up with an FBI agent and together their mission is to take down a Russian mobster. Will they be able take down the bad guy? I wouldn't recommend this movie for children due to the violence in the film.