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Film adaptation of David Auburn's award-winning Broadway play makes the most of its four-character construct. Catherine (Paltrow), the gifted daughter of a once-brilliant mathematician (Hopkins), who in the final years of his life suffered with dementia, sits at the center of the film. A brainy introvert by nature, Catherine is forced in the wake of her father's death to seek redeeming personal value as both an academic and a daughter, while contemplating her own fragile grip on sanity.

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Available on Running time 99 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Dads, Family Drama, Chicago, Mathemagicians
David Auburn
Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope Davis, Roshan Seth, Gary Houston
Alwin Kuchler
John Madden
Stephen Warbeck
Peter Lindsay, Mick Audsley, Keith Slote, Jill Taylor, Alice Normington
Jeffrey Sharp, John Hart, Robert Kessel, Alison Owen, Hart Sharp Entertainment, Miramax Films

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It is Catherine's twenty-seventh birthday, and she lives in Chicago. Her sister Claire comes from New York for the funeral for their father, Robert, who passed away a couple days prior. Robert was a brilliant mathematician that became mentally disturbed. Catherine had lived with him for the last five years, and she is concerned about having inherited his insanity. The mathematician of the University of Chicago, Hal, is making a research in Robert's notebooks, trying to find any brilliant proof that Robert might have produced in one moment of lucidity. When Hal has a one-nightstand with Catherine, she gives a notebook to him with the development of a unique mathematics theory that Catherine claims that she developed. Hal and Claire do not believe on her, until the proof is there.