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Lisa (McAdams) deftly handles calls, questions, and customers at the front desk of the high-end Miami hotel where she works. Jackson Rippner (Murphy) appears to be like any other guest--until he shows up next to her on her red-eye flight. Turns out she's his target, and Lisa's dad Joe (Cox) and an official of the Department of Homeland Security are at stake if Lisa doesn't figure out how to deal with the high-flying madman. Psychological thrills and chills at high-altitude don't disappoint, with McAdams scoring as a feisty and crafty heroine.

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Available on Running time 85 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Action-Thriller, Airborne, Assassination, Mystery & Suspense, Miami, Kidnapped!
Carl Ellsworth, Dan Foos
Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Kyle Gallner, Brittany Oaks, Jack Scalia
Robert Yeoman
Wes Craven
Marco Beltrami
Wes Craven, Carl Ellsworth, James Steube, Patrick Lussier, Stuart Levy, Andrew Max Cahn, Mary Claire Hannan, Bruce Alan Miller
Chris Bender, Marianne Maddalena, Benderspink, Dreamworks Pictures

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Red Eye
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This would be a tough decision to make if I was in Lisa Reisert’s shoes. Lisa Reisert is a manager at a Miami hotel. While Lisa waits for her flight she meets a charming man named Jackson Rippner. They sit together on the flight where she finds out that he is kidnapping her and if she doesn’t cooperate he will have her father killed. Jackson Rippner is ordered to assassinate William Keefe, who is head of Homeland Security. To do so, he needs Lisa to change the room at her hotel where William is staying inorder to assassinate him.

Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

Lisa Reiser has a fear of flying, but she has a red eye flight from Dallas to Miami, following her grandmother's funeral. She meets a handsome man named Jackson Rippner at the terminal bar. They board the plane and Lisa felt happy to find out her seat is next to Jackson's. After the plane takes off, Jackson reveals that he is a terrorist operative working for a group intending to assassinate the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Charles Keefe, and his family. Lisa doesn't want to cooperate because she is the manager of the hotel where the Keefe family is staying. He threatens to kill her father in Miami at his home. If she tries to warn anyone, people will get hurt, but the situation doesn't get any better the longer she waits. Jackson forces to change their hotel reservation to a different room because his plan is to launch a missile from a small yacht to this room. When they get off the plane, Lisa stabs him in the throat with a pen and quickly gets away in an SUV, warns the hotel to evaquate, and heads to her fathers house and rams into the hit-man before he gets to her father. Jackson comes and the duel continues. In the end, Lisa and her father shoot him and the cops come. They celebrate with a drink.