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Who knew that pretty people shooting at each other could be so much fun? Director Liman fuses "The War of the Roses" with "The Killer" in this stylish tale of hitman love-gone-wrong. Suburban couple John (Pitt) and Jane (Jolie) are getting bored with their marriage, but they're both hiding a big secret--they're the world's top assassins who unwittingly fell in love and got hitched. When they're assigned to kill each other, every ounce of their simmering martial tensions finds expression through shotguns and drop-kicks. The plot wanes and bad guys are ridiculously disposable, but the leads have such palpable on-screen chemistry that you'll find yourself wondering how to discreetly introduce a rocket launcher into your own bedroom.

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Running time 119 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Hit Men/Women, Marriage, Not-So-True Identity, Female Spies
Simon Kinberg
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Adam Brody, Vince Vaughn, Kerry Washington, Chris Weitz, Keith David, Rachael Huntley
Bojan Bazelli
Doug Liman
John Powell
Steve Cantamessa, Julianne Jordan, Michael Tronick, Keith Neely, Michael Kaplan, Jeff Mann
Arnon Milchan, Akiva Goldsman, Lucas Foster, Patrick Wachsberger, Eric McLeod, New Regency Pictures, Summit Entertainment, Weed Road Pictures, 20th Century-Fox

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

I am in LOVE with Brad Pitt!!! He is gorgeous and I will watch any movie with him in it! This couple is bad-ass on and off screen. Angelina Jolie is hot. This is an awesome movie. I would highly recomend it to everyone! It's action packed and sexy. Go see it if you havn't! It's crazy how in the movie they are both out to get each other and they don't even know it until later. Then they actually fall in love, which is awesome.