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Pixar's final feature as a Disney partner ends the relationship on a high note with this story of a retired superhero family and their difficulties adjusting to "normal" life. Bob Parr (Nelson) is the former Mr. Incredible, who, because of multiple lawsuits, has been forced, along with all other costumed heroes, including wife Helen (Hunter) and best friend Lucius (Jackson), into the Hero Relocation Program. He's stuck in a soul-sucking corporate job where he can't save anyone, he misses the old crimefighting days, and his kids Dash and Violet aren't allowed to use their powers. That is, until someone from Mr. Incredible's past returns to endanger them all. Director/writer Bird's script is smart, funny, and insightful. There's plenty for the kids to enjoy, to be sure, but Bird makes some pointed and poignant observations about marriage, middle class values, and the rise of mediocrity in a self-esteem obsessed society. No wonder the screenplay was nominated for an Oscar.

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Available on Running time 115 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Brad Bird
Janet Lucroy, Patick Lin, Andrew Jimenez
Brad Bird
Michael Giacchino
Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Wallace Shawn, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Brad Bird, Elizabeth Pena, Dominique Louis, Randy Thom, Stephen R. Schaffer, Ralph Eggleston, Lou Romano
John Walker, Buena Vista


Oscars 2004: Animated Film, Sound FX Editing.

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The Incredibles
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

Super hero movies are always fun to watch, especially this one because it is animated. This super hero family can't be "super" anymore because of events that happened before. The kids, Violet, Dash, and the baby, don't know about their super powers yet. Helen, Mrs. Incredible, is really stretchy, Mr. Incredible is really strong, Violet can go invisible and make force fields around anything, Dash can run super fast, and the baby can catch fire, but we don't find that out until the end. Mr. Incredible secretly becomes a super hero again, and when his wife does some snooping around, she find out what he is up to. When she goes after him, Violet and Dash sneak and go with her. They all end up helping each other and using their super powers to save the day. This movie is great for anyone, not just kids.