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Beautiful Theron turns heads as hedonistic socialite Gilda, who briefly storms into the life of shy Irishman Guy (Townsend) in 1933. His torch remains ablaze as she later summons him to Paris, where Gilda is dabbling as a photographer and with a Spanish refugee named Mia (Cruz). Their triangular idyll is troubled by the political idealism displayed by both Mia and Guy, who are committed to the anti-fascist cause in the Spanish Civil War. Gilda feels betrayed when they leave her behind. When Guy finally sees her again in 1944, he's a British spy smuggled into Paris and Gilda is romancing Nazi officer Bietrich (Kretschmann). But is she really the unfeeling collaborator she seems? A plush potboiler with a pretty cast.

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Available on Running time 124 minutes. Originally from British, Canadian.

Cast and Crew

World War II, Romantic Triangles, Period Piece: 1930s, Period Piece: 1940s, Paris, Nazis & Other Paramilitary Slugs, Shutterbugs, Lesbians, Spanish Civil War, World War II Spies, Female Spies
John Duigan
Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, Thomas Kretschmann, Steven Berkoff, Karine Vanasse, Gabriel Hogan, David LaHaye, Peter Cockett, John Jorgenson, John Robinson
Paul Sarossy
John Duigan
Terry Frewer
Pierre Blain, Marcel Pothier, Brian Simmons, Michel Descombes, Gavin Fernandes, Dominique Fortin, Gilles Aird, Jean Kazemirchuk, Jean Morin, Michel Clement, Mickey Kelm, Mario Davignon, Jonathan Lee
Bertil Ohlsson, Jonathan Olsberg, Jason Piette, Andre Rouleau, Maxime Remillard, Remstar, Spice Factory, Sony Pictures Classics

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Head in the Clouds
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

The Movie was very good, I am trying to find the soundtrack on CD as I think the music was fantastic. Can somebody help?