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A group of L.A. crack addicts try to escape the despair of their lives by duping a celebrity junkie. Cody (Byrd), a middle-aged former musician, is the de facto leader of the group, whose estranged son brings news that his ex-wife has died. Actor-turned-director Wirth turns in a fine film which includes excellent performances and a rare insight into the inner lives of the "crackheads" that are often just part of the periphery of most urban dramas.

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Available on Running time 86 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Urban Drama, Drug Use & Abuse, L.A., Bad Dads
Billy Wirth, Tyrone Atkins, Aaron Courseault, Sheri Sussman
Thomas Jefferson Byrd, B-Real, Ellen Cleghorne, Brandon Adams, Lori Petty, Julie Delpy, Balthazar Getty, David Faustino, Rachel Hunter, Glenn Plummer, Miguel A. Nunez, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Sydney Walsh, Cynda Williams, Sticky Fingaz, Bad Azz
Kristian Bernier
Billy Wirth
Stephen Perkins

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