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Big shot music PR man Ollie (Affleck) is widowed when wife Gertrude (Lopez) dies in childbirth and must raise his daughter Gertie (Castro) on his own. But this proves too challenging as he loses his job and is forced to crash with dear old dad (Carlin) in New Jersey. After seven years, he's still struggling with his loss. Celibate, he frequents the video shop for porno flicks where he meets the shoot-from-the-hip clerk, Maya (Tyler). Ah, and there the romance begins, along with the "should I be a good parent or have a great career" dilemma. Writer-director Smith's considerable comedic talents emerge unevenly in his foray into the dramatic-comedy genre. Granted, it's probably not what Smith's fans are used to, but it's still enjoyable. Castro is a fresh, sassy presence in her feature debut.

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Available on Running time 102 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Romantic Comedy, Grandparents, Dads, Parenthood, Single Parents, At the Video Store, Publicists, Screen Teams: Damon & Affleck, Director/Star Teams: Smith & Affleck, New Jersey
Kevin Smith
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, George Carlin, Liv Tyler, Raquel Castro, Stephen (Steve) Root, Mike Starr, Jason Biggs, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Jason Lee, Matt Damon
Vilmos Zsigmond
Kevin Smith
James L. Venable
Will Smith, Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, Elise Viola, Juliet Polcsa, Robert Holtzman
Scott Mosier, View Askew, Miramax Films

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Jersey Girl
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

This is a sad movie but I like it. Ollie Trinkie is a publicist, marries and is expecting a baby with Gertrude but he doesn't lighten his workload. Gertrude dies while giving birth and Ollie doesn't live up to his responsibilities as a father. Eventually the strain and pressure of losing his wife and being a father gets to him and he has breakdown, which leads to his termination. So with nothing much to do he tries to be good father to his daughter, Gertie. He also meets a young woman named Maya, who likes him but he is still not over his wife.