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Flat and hopelessly dumb romantic comedy. Gardener Miguel (Mejia) wins big in the lottery and makes a deal with former client Donald (Werner): if Donald will make a green card marriage with his sister Catalina (Harring) so she can come to the U.S., Miguel will give Donald a big chunk of change. Donald wants to open a restaurant so he agrees, not realizing that this means Catalina's entire family will be joining them. And (for no apparent reason) Donald's ex-wife Barbara (Scarborough) gets suddenly jealous and decides she wants Donald back.

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Available on Running time 94 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Marriages of Convenience, Lottery Winners, Brothers & Sisters, Romantic Comedy
Steven Baer
Laura Elena Harring, Gerardo Mejia, Roy Werner, Margaret Scarborough, Barbara Eden
Thaddeus Wadleigh
Bryan Lewis
Jon McCallum

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