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Mixing live action with animation, the familiar cast of Looney Toon characters participate in a series of hi-jinx with a selection of normally funny human actors. Sure there's a plot somewhere, as Daffy Duck teams up with human buddy D.J. (Fraser) to find a Blue Monkey Diamond before the bad guys, but that's secondary to pushing out as many pop culture references and corny jokes as possible in a 90 minute span. Since the people who actually knew how to do that best did it right 50 (or so) years ago, your time and money are better spent on seeking out and viewing the original cartoons.

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Available on Running time 91 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Live Action/Animation Combos, Showbiz Comedies, Corporate Shenanigans, Viva Las Vegas!, Twins, Spies & Espionage, Rent-a-Cop
Larry Doyle
Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, Steve Martin, Timothy Dalton, Heather Locklear, Joan Cusack, Bill Goldberg
Dean Cundey
Joe Dante
Jerry Goldsmith
Joe Alaskey, Billy West, Jeff Glenn Bennett, Eric Goldberg, Ken King, Marshall Harvey, Rick W. Finney, Paul Sonski, Bill Brzeski
Paula Weinstein, Bernie Goldman, Baltimore Pictures, Spring Creek Productions, Warner Bros.

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