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Inspired by the popular Disney ride of the same name. Jim Evers (Murphy) is a workaholic real estate agent who takes his family along to see a mansion whose owner wants to sell. They soon find out that the mansion is inhabited with ghosts, lots of them. Coincidentally enough, it turns out that Evers's wife Sara (Thomason) bears a striking resemblance to the owner's long dead lover, who had committed suicide. So why wouldn't they want to live there? While the production design of the mansion is quite impressive, it still doesn't make up for the lack of an original story or dialogue. Murphy's comedic talent is largely wasted. Skip the movie, go for the ride.

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Available on Running time 99 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Creepy Houses, Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins, Family Ties, Adapted from a Disney Amusement Park Ride, Real Estate, Horror Comedy
David Barenbaum
Eddie Murphy, Marsha Thomason, Terence Stamp, Wallace Shawn, Jennifer Tilly, Nathaniel Parker, Marc John Jeffries, Aree Davis, Dina Waters
Remi Adefarasin
Rob Minkoff
Mark Mancina
David Wyman, Priscilla Nedd Friendly, Beat Frutiger, Mona May, John Myhre
Don Hahn, Andrew Gunn, Walt Disney Pictures, Buena Vista

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