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Romantic comedy with a Brazilian beat and three possible outcomes. College student Carlos (Benicio) is waiting for his girlfriend Julia (Ferraz) outside a Rio cinema. Fifteen years later, the viewer learns what happens if she does--or doesn't--show up. In the first, Julia doesn't, so Carlos has a dull marriage to Maria (Goulart) until he and Julia have a chance meeting. Scenario two has Julia and Carlos married but he leaves his wife and son for Pedro (de Mello) as he tries to decide whom he loves. In the third plot, Julia doesn't show again and Carlos is a swinging bachelor looking for the perfect woman. Guess who. Portuguese with subtitles.

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Available on Running time 98 minutes. Originally from Brazilian.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Comedy, Rio, Gays, Parallel Universe
Paulo Halm
Murilo Benicio, Carolina Ferraz, Beth Goulart, Emilio de Mello, Irene Ravache
Walter Carvalho
Sandra Werneck
Chico Buarque, Joao Nabuco

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