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Despite the dead mom beginning, this is not from the Disney animation studio. It's Pixar (of "Toy Story" fame). Little clown fish Nemo (Gould) was born with an undersized fin and is the sole survivor of a barracuda attack. This makes nervous dad Marlin (Brooks) overprotective. When curious Nemo is scooped up by a scuba diver for life in a fish tank, it's dad to the rescue! He's aided by chipper blue tang Dory (DeGeneres), who unfortunately suffers from short-term memory loss, a sea turtle (director Stanton), and other denizens of both sea and air (including a helpful pelican), while Nemo is making new friends (and escape plans) with his tank mates. Since water is considered the hardest thing to animate, the undersea sequences are particularly breathtaking. There's the usual humor to keep adults interested as well as sweetness amidst the comedy.

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Animation & Cartoons, Go Fish, Dads, Rescue Missions, Pixar Animated Movies, Deep Blue, Down Under, Killer Sea Critters, Top Grossing Films of 2003, Kiddie Viddy
Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, Dave Reynolds
Sharon Calahan, Jeremy Lasky
Andrew Stanton
Thomas Newman
Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Willem Dafoe, Alexander Gould, Barry Humphries, Andrew Stanton, Brad Garrett, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton, Stephen (Steve) Root, Vicki Lewis, Joe Ranft, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana, Bruce Spence, Elizabeth Perkins, Erik Per Sullivan, John Ratzenberger, Bill Hunter, LuLu Ebeling, Erica Beck, Bob Peterson, Gary Rydstrom, David Ian Salter, Ralph Eggleston
Graham Walters, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures


Oscars 2003: Animated Film.

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Finding Nemo
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Finding Nemo such a fun movie to watch! Everyone was quoting this movie when it came out. I used to always hear, "I touched the butt!" This movie is seriously great for all ages, from babies to the senior citizens. You'd have to be crazy not to like it. Nemo is such an adventurous/rebelious little clown fish with one "gimp" fin. His father, Marlin, always tries to keep him safe and doesn't really think Nemo is capable of doing everything like all the other fish. So Nemo feels daring enough to switch things up a bit and do something the other fish are too afraid of. From that, he gets captured and put into a fish tank and his father, Marlin, goes on an adventure trying to find him. Marlin meets all kinds of new fish and has a "tag-a-long" named Dory. Dory is hilarious by the way. They both continue on the journey, with danger and all, and finally came up with a plan once they knew where Nemo was and saved him.