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An updated reworking of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale is visually splendid but overly long. Gerda (Hobbs) lives with her bitter father (Wisden) in a remote hotel in the snowy north country. She's attracted to bellboy Kai (Guilbat), who disappears after a beautiful but sinister guest (Fonda) also leaves. So Gerda decides to track them down and save Kai from the evil Snow Queen.

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Available on Running time 172 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Books to Film: Hans Christian Andersen, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Cold Spots, Grand Hotel
Simon Moore
Bridget Fonda, Robert Wisden, Jeremy Guilbat, Chelsea Hobbs
Gregory Middleton
David Wu
Lawrence Shragge

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The Snow Queen
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

The Snow Queen came out in 2002 and has a total running itme of 172 minutes. This film is a remake of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Bridget Fonda, Robert Wisden, Chelsea Hobbs and Jeremy Guibat star in this film. Gerda and her father live in a place where it is always snowy. Gerda likes one of the bellboys, Kai, in a hotel that her and her father live at. One day Kai disappears and Gerda gets worried. So she goes to search for him. Come to find out, he’s been kidnapped from the evil Snow Queen!