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Remake of the 1980 PBS pic based on the 1971 novel by Ursula LeGuin. George Orr (Haas) refuses to sleep because when he does, his dreams alter reality. Or at least George thinks so, which is why he's forced to see a court-appointed shrink, Dr. William Haber (Caan), after a drug overdose. But when Haber discovers George's ability is real, he uses it for his own purpose.

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Available on Running time 100 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Killer Dreams, Sci Fi
Alan Sharp
Lukas Haas, James Caan, Lisa Bonet, David Strathairn, Sheila McCarthy, Serge Houde
Pierre Mignot
Philip Haas
Angelo Badalamenti

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The Lathe of Heaven
Star_offStar_offStar_offStar_off 0.0 4.0
Pete Bosworth

Having seen the original 1980 version, I was looking forward to a good story with better effects. I've been called an optimist before. The effects were minimal, and worse! the story had been PCed to death. Every potentially offensive scene that gave the original it's bite had been eliminated. Add to this, a wooden cast with no character development, you boring. At one time I was more interested in the view though the large window in the labratory than the dialog. See the 1980 version. That's SciFi.