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Sequel to the classic Disney version, it picks up where the original left off. Mowgli (voice by Osment) is now living in the village with a warmhearted human family. He misses the excitement of the jungle and sneaks back to his old pal, Baloo the Bear (a decent enough Goodman, but the original voice of Phil Harris is a tough act to follow). Two of the village children follow him and many adventures ensue. Although the animation is quite good, the plot merely recycles old material, even going so far as reprising the classic song "Bare Necessities" three times. Adults will find the movie tiresome, but the younger set won't be as picky.

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Available on Running time 72 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Jungle Stories, Disney Animated Movies, Bears, Wild Kingdom, Childhood Buddies
Karl Guers
Steve Trenbirth
Joel McNeely
John Goodman, Haley Joel Osment, Mae Whitman, Tony Jay, Connor Funk, Bob Joles, John Rhys-Davies, Phil Collins, Peter N. Lonsdale, Christopher Gee, Michael Peraza
Christopher Chase, Mary Thorne, DisneyToon Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

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