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You know you've hit a chord when your movie's title has been adopted as a verb (tadpoling) for the trend of older women cruising younger men. Precocious, prep-schooler Oscar Grubman (Stanford) comes home to Manhattan to spend the holidays with his remarried dad (Ritter) and his new stepmom (Weaver), on whom he promptly develops a crush. Soon the unrequited love for his new mum, the aptly named Eve, is soothed instead by her cradle-robbing best friend (a show-stealing Neuwirth). Stanford shines, even through the drab digital camerawork, in this witty, new millennium "Graduate."

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Available on Running time 77 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Comedy, New York, New York, Stepparents, Teen Angst, The First Time, Thanksgiving, Prep School, Unhappy Meals
Heather McGowan, Niels Mueller
Aaron Stanford, Sigourney Weaver, John Ritter, Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Iler, Peter Appel, Adam LeFevre
Hubert Taczanowski
Gary Winick
William Cozy, Susan Littenberg, Sara Parks, Suzanne Schwarzer, Anthony Gasparro

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