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The producers would like you to ignore the fact that psycho Michael Myers has been killed about 957 times in this franchise, and that the entire genre has been parodied into the ground. You should ignore this movie instead. Internet entrepreneur Rhymes arranges for a group of stupid kids to stay in Michael Myers' house as a publicity stunt for a live webcast. Naturally, Mike doesn't like the interlopers and proceeds to permanently cut their internet connections. Nothing new is added to the series, and drug-use and sexual hi-jinks are still the best way for the young uns to get an interesting new piercing. Jamie Lee Curtis and Rosenthal, who directed "Halloween 2," also return.

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Available on Running time 86 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Creepy Houses, Mental Hospitals, Look Ma! I'm on TV!, Slasher Flicks, Internet Borne, Internet Borne
Larry Brand, Sean Hood
Busta Rhymes, Sean Patrick Thomas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bianca Kajlich, Tyra Banks, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Luke Kirby, Brad Loree, Daisy McCrackin, Katee Sackhoff
David Geddes
Rick Rosenthal
Danny Lux
Rick Rosenthal, Martin Fossum, Jen Miller, Robert A. Ferretti, Brad Gough, Troy Hansen, Jamison Goei
Paul Freeman, Nightfall, Dimension Films

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Halloween: Resurrection
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Halloween: Resurrection was an okay movie. Definitely not the best Halloween movie but it was still entertaining. Busta Rhymes, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tyra Banks, and Ryan Merriman are part of the cast in the movie. The movie is a bit cheesey. There's some nudity and language. It's basically your typical Halloween movie. Michael Myer's appears in it once again and goes after teenagers. I usually watch these Halloween movies around Halloween time. So if it's October and your in the mood to watch a scary movie, you'll probably be interested in watching this movie.