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Murat (Davrak) is a closeted gay Turkish teenager living in Berlin with his widowed mother and homophobic brother Osman (Mete). Lola (Mukli) is a travestite dancer at a nightclub who lives with hustler Bili (Yildiz). When Lola tries to contact Murat's family, the boy discovers that Lola is his brother, who was thrown out by Osman. Murat meets Lola, who is later killed--apparently by neo-Nazi thugs. Bili vows revenge but Murat learns that the situation isn't as clear as it seems. German and Turkish with subtitles.

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Available on Running time 95 minutes. Originally from German.

Cast and Crew

Berlin, Gender Bending, Gays, Brothers & Sisters, Moms, Skinheads, Homicide
Kutlug Ataman
Baki Darrak, Gandi Mukli, Erdal Yildiz, Hasan Ali Mete, Michael Gerber, Murat Yilmaz, Inge Keller
Chris Squires
Kutlug Ataman
Arpad Bondy

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