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Does for "stewardess-in-training" films what "Feds" did for the buddy-cop genre. Don't remember that one? Exactly. The problem isn't that it's a bad film, it's that it doesn't know what kind of a bad film to be (romance, comedy, or fish-out-of water success story). Paltrow is small-town girl Donna, who aspires to a more worldly life (as a stewardess). After leaving for the big blue, Donna falls in love with Ted (Ruffalo) then loses him. She finds him again only to lose him for a shot at the big time. Other tedious stew school hijinks are involved. "Showgirls" showed more depth and logic. Only Mike Myers's lampooning saves it from being completely dreadful.

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Available on Running time 87 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Airborne, Paris, Stewardesses
Eric Wald
Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate, Mark Ruffalo, Candice Bergen, Kelly Preston, Rob Lowe, Joshua Malina, Mike Myers
Alfonso Beato
Bruno Barreto
Theodore Shapiro
Stephen Halbert, Randy Spendlove, Christopher Greenbury, Elizabeth Lapp, Mary Zophres, Dan Davis
Brad Grey, Matthew Baer, Bobby Cohen, Miramax Films

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I don't think this would be my first pick of movies to watch. Donna reads the book of Sally Weston, a flight attendant who was flown to practically everywhere, and it inspires her to be a flight attendant at a smaller commuter airline and then move to a bigger one. She convinces her two co-workers, Sherry and Christine, to join her in applying to the bigger one. Donna and Christine get in but Sherry doesn't. Donna is really driven to do her best after meeting Sally Weston and is determined to be assigned to an international route. When the asignments are posted, she is shocked to discover that she is been assigned to a commuter route in Cleveland. While she feels that her dreams have been dashed, she meets a great guy but when she decides that she's going to fight for what she wants, she has to chose between him and her dreams.