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Raimi does a little 21st-century updating of the Marvel comic hero, who first made his appearance back in 1962, but remembers to keep the heart along with the action. Peter Parker (Maguire) is a nerdy teenager who gets tongue-tied every time he's around the babe of his dreams--Mary Jane Watson (Dunst). His life changes--not necessarily for the better--when he gets bitten by a genetically altered spider and takes on weird arachnid traits, such as strength, agility, wall crawling, web shooting, and swinging. After a family tragedy, the newly monickered Spider-Man becomes a crime fighter. His nemesis is, of course, the Green Goblin (Dafoe), who himself has a dual identity.

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Available on Running time 121 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Adapted from Comics, Super Heroes, Torn in Two (or More), New York, New York, Mad Scientists, Bad Dads, Boom!, Director/Star Teams: Raimi & Campbell, Director/Star Teams: Raimi & 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, Top Grossing Films of 2002, Aunts & Uncles, Nieces & Nephews, Wrestling
David Koepp
Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Gerry Becker, Bill Nunn, Jack Betts, Joe Manganiello, Stanley Anderson, Ron Perkins, Theodore (Ted) Raimi, Larry Joshua, Michael (Mike) Papajohn, Joseph (Joe) D'Onofrio
Don Burgess
Sam Raimi
Danny Elfman
Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Edward Novick, Bob Murawski, Arthur Coburn, Tony Fanning, Stella Vaccaro, James Acheson, Neil Spisak
Laura Ziskin, Ian Bryce, Marvel Enterprises, Columbia Pictures

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Peter Parker a student by day and superhero by night. He is in love with Mary Jane Watson but is too afraid to tell her. His best friend Harry Osborn ends up dating her. A rare spider bit him during a field trip, which gave him spider abilities. After his uncle is murdered he is determined to help his city defeat all the bad guys. His worst enemy in the movie is the Green Goblin who just so happens to be his best friends father. Now he must take down the Green Goblin and try to tell Harry that his father was a villain.

Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

The movie Spider-Man came out in the year 2002 and has a running time of 121 minutes. Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, James Franco, and Kirsten Dunst star in this adventurous action hero movie. Spider-Man started out as a comic book hero and was soon turned into a movie. The movie was a huge hit. Such a huge hit, they made two more after this one. The movie Spider-Man is about a boy named Peter Parker. He's a rather nerdy, quiet, yet very smart guy who's head over heels for a girl named Mary Jane Watson. He gets bitten by a spider that's been genetically altered and soon after the bite, he gets spider abilities. He can then crawl, shoot webs, swing, not to mention he's really strong now. After his uncle's murder, he decides to help stop crime by becoming a hero, known as, the Spider-Man. He takes on many bad guys through out the movie. His biggest bad guy of the movie is the Green Goblin. The movie Spider-Man was awesome. I loved the special effects and the acting was great. There a love story, some comedy, and action all mixed together. This is the type of movie I will never get tired of watching. I'm a fan of super hero movies.