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Willis is leathery Col. McNamara, ranking U.S. POW officer in a German stalag who clashes with newly imprisoned Lt. Thomas Hart (Farrell), Yale law student and son of a U.S. Senator. Hart is recruited to lead a court martial proceeding against African-American prisoner Scott (Howard), accused of killing racist fellow prisoner Bedford (Hauser). McNamara seems to have ulterior motives for this court martial, however, and seems to be undermining Hart at every turn. Howard shines as the accused who doesn't even begin to expect a fair trial, and Iures is brilliant as the urbane, Yankee culture loving German Col. Visser, who also happens to be a Yale alum. Beautiful cinematography helps offset occasional heavy-handed direction and, at times, overwrought plot.

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Available on Running time 128 minutes. Originally from United States.

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POW/MIA, World War II, Great Escapes, Military: Army, Military Crimes & Trials, Nazis & Other Paramilitary Slugs, Germany
Billy Ray, Terry George
Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence DaShon Howard, Cole Hauser, Marcel Iures, Linus Roache, Rory Cochrane, Michael Weston, Vicellous Reon Shannon, Scott Michael Campbell, Adrian Grenier, Jonathan Brandis, Joe Spano, Sam Worthington
Alar Kivilo
Gregory Hoblit
Rachel Portman
David Ronne, David Rosenbloom, John Warnke, Elisabetta Beraldo, Lily Kilvert
David Foster, David Ladd, Arnold Rifkin, Gregory Hoblit, Cheyenne Enterprises, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

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Hart's War
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

This movie is pretty good. I like watching war movie's, even though most of them aren't real, they still show somewhat of what soldiers have to go through. In the last months of the Second World War, an American administrative Lieutenant is captured by German forces during the Battle of the Bulge. Sent to a German Stalag Prison camp, Lieutenant Hart is at once thrust into the social order of POWs, where every man thinks of himself first with bribery and trading with German captors commonplace. When two African American pilots become the first non-white soldiers in the camp, one is murdered and the other accused of killing a white sergeant. Lieutenant Hart must then defend the black pilot against charges before an obviously racist American tribunal; unaware that the trial itself is only a front for the real secret of the prison camp.