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Promising premise sinks into formulaic horror-on-the-high-seas after a gruesome and startling beginning. A boat salvage crew led by Murphy (Byrne) is working in a remote area of the Bering Sea when they're led to the remains of a passenger liner that's been missing for more than 40 years. First mate Epps (Margulies) is the first crewmember to figure out that things are not as they should be, but the rest are caught in a web of greed that may have been the undoing of the ship's original passengers.

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Available on Running time 88 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Sail Away, Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins, Hallucinations/Illusions
John Pogue, Mark Hanlon
Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington, Isaiah Washington, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Dimitriades, Karl Urban, Emily Browning, Francesca Rettondini
Gale Tattersall
Steve Beck
John (Gianni) Frizzell
Paul Brincat, Roger Barton, Richard Hobbs, Margot Wilson, Graham Walker
Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Gilbert Adler, Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Dark Castle Entertainment, Warner Bros.

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Ghost Ship
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

This movie is kind of weird. In the beginning, they show a flashback. It showed a wire cutting through everyone on the ship except for this one little girl because she was just short enough. It is pretty disgusting. That supposedly took place many years prior to when the crew came to search for and investigate the ship. They found tons of bricks of pure gold, and wanted to take all of it out. They start to see things, and one woman keeps seeing the little girl, who obviously eventually died. She tells the woman things about the ship and that she should get off as soon as she can. Someone keeps watching the little girl. The ghosts alter the minds of the crew and many deaths occur. I would be way too scared to go on that ship! This isn't one of the best movies but I would probably watch it again if there was nothing else on the television.