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Despite its suggestive title, Soderbergh's film is arty, meandering, and uninvolving. Shot mostly on digital video in 18 days, the director's unofficial sequel to "sex, lies and videotape" tracks the loosely related lives and loves of various Los Angeles movie business types working on a film called "Rendezvous" over a 24-hour period. Katt, hilarious as a self-involved stage actor playing Hitler; Keener, as the somewhat demented Lee; and masseuse McCormack are the real standouts. However, improv-feel performances are good all around, with canny insider humor. The film's ambiguous presentation, including voice-overs, plays within movies, and movies-within-movies-within movies (whew!), undermine its intention to reveal the whole Hollywood circus that is really best kept under wraps.

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Available on Running time 101 minutes. Originally from United States.

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A Day in the Life. . ., L.A., Front Page, At the Movies, Behind the Scenes, Director/Star Teams: Soderburgh & Roberts
Coleman Hough
David Duchovny, Nicky Katt, Catherine Keener, Mary McCormack, David Hyde Pierce, Julia Roberts, Blair Underwood, Enrico Colantoni
Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh
Paul Ledford, Sarah Flack
Miramax Films

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